I will drive your vehicle anywhere in the USA!


Be it a van, car,  rental truck under 26 feet or RV – I will drive it to any destination in the USA.

My name is Ed Caine – retired on the road salesman, Naval veteran and proud grandfather. I love to travel, I love to drive. Now that I’m retired I can do this for you. I am a reliable person and charge reasonable fees.

Call today for a free quote:
(413) 464-0052
(413) 329-1745 (cell)

My Services:

  • I’ll drive your car to your seasonal destination (ex: south for winter, north for summer).
  • If you’re going on an extended trip, I can drive your car while you fly and meet you at the airport.
  • I can transport pets.
  • I can drive your moving van (up to 26′) or your vehicle when you move.


I will quote you a fee up front.  I will give you an estimate and that will be part of your first deposit.

In addition to the fee, you will pay for:

  • Gas & tolls
  • Return airfare for me (if necessary)
  • Extra fee for pets.

I live in the Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts. One hour to Albany three to Boston. Your cost to get me to where you want me of course is variable.

Please use the form below for any questions or comments.